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Puerto Rico 101 – Episode 1

Puerto Rico 101 – Episode 1

We hope you reached us by pure curiosity. If not, still welcome.

Our island is one of many enchantments, and we will use this post to explain why we say that.

Since history has been recorded our island of Puerto Rico has been one to attract humans. Starting off with tribes that migrated from South America before Spain ‘discovered’ the archipelago. Wait, so yeah, Puerto Rico is actually a group of islands…

Those tribes unified as a culture and became known as the Taíno. Taínos can be found all around the Caribbean, but we will focus on Puerto Rican Taínos. During that time, Puerto Rico was actually called, Borikén. Once the Spanish colonists came to the island, they translated that to Borinquen. Later on, they discovered what they were after, gold! Naturally, they renamed the island Puerto Rico or Rich Port. It was easy access for ships as it has a natural bay, now known as the municipality of San Juan.

As usual in the colonist’s endeavors they established a military outpost there and built one of the oldest fortresses in the West, El Castillo San Felipe del Morro.

Stay tuned! Wepa!

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