Who or what is Escape2PR?

We were created in 2017, originally through an Instagram account, our sole purpose was to show as many people as possible the beautiful Island of Puerto Rico and its natural locations. It quickly became a movement of a sort, using the #escape2pr people began to share more and more pictures and amazing landscapes of the Island so we felt like it reached our goal (our first one anyways lol).

We then decided to expand our reach and create a site where local shops and businesses could create profiles of their locations (only in Puerto Rico) to allow for tourists, locals, and everyone else for that matter, to be able to see even those hidden locations and treasures that our island has to offer.

We are currently working on our Android and iOS app as well to be able to be with you on your trip and anywhere that you may need us.

We hope that you can Escape with us 2 Puerto Rico, every time you come visit us!

Is it free to add a place?

Yes, it’s totally free.

But we do offer small packages for more exposure to your business and extra features, coming soon!

Will the listing be shown on the app?

Yes, anything you see on the website you will see on the app as well.

More questions?

Send us a message